Pyrrhura's consist of a total of 50 species & sub-species listed to date, see Species Index.
Pyrrhura's are found in South-America.
They are  small conures ranging from the White-Eared at 22cm to the largest being the Blue-Throated at 30cm long.
Pyrrhura's are not as noisy or destructive as their larger cousins the Aratinga species such as Suns, Red Mask conures etc.
Pyrrhura's are easy to breed, once the conditions are to there liking, but some are more prolific than others, this is mainly due to how many generations have been bred of a specific type in captvity etc.

A must, they need a nest-box all year round as they will retreat to it for roosting. Some birds become stressed if a box is not provided.

They are just as hardy as Lovebirds / Cockateils, and diet requirements are basically the same.

Life-span in captivity, approx 15-20 years,  but some birds known to live up to  20+.

I use & recommend a minimal cage size : 60inches long x 24inches wide x 24inches high, as these birds are very active.

Usual aviary size : 72inch long x 36inch wide x 72inch high. (6ft x 3ft x 6ft).

These birds are quiet & should not annoy the neighbours, the only time they ever seem to make a noise is when cats or strangers are about.

8 flights: 72inch long x 36inch wide x 72inch high. (6ft x 3ft x 6ft).

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