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Updated 08/06/2012
Listed Pyrrhura species & sub-species
Blue Throated Conure - Pyrrhura cruentata (Wied 1820)*

Maroon Bellied Conure - Pyrrhura frontalis (Vieillot 1818)***
Azara’s Conure - Pyrrhura frontalis chiripepe (Vieillot 1818)***
Blaze-winged Conure - Pyrrhura frontalis devillei (Massena & Souance 1854)*****

Crimson-bellied Conure - Pyrrhura perlata (Spix 1824)(formerly P. rhodogaster)*

Pearly Conure - Pyrrhura lepida lepida (Wagler 1832)(formerly P. perlata)*
Miritiba Pearly Conure - Pyrrhura lepida coerulescens (Neumann 1927)*
Neumann’s Pearly Conure - Pyrrhura lepida anerythra (Neumann 1927)*****

Green Cheeked Conure - Pyrrhura molinae molinae (Massena & Souance 1854)***
Yellow-winged Green-cheeked Conure - Pyrrhura molinae flavoptera (Majer, Herzog, Kessler, Friggens & Fjeldsa 1998)****
Argentina Conure - Pyrrhura molinae australis (Todd 1915)***
Crimson-tailed conure - Pyrrhura molinae phoenicura (Schlegel 1864)*****
Santa Cruz Conure - Pyrrhura molinae restricta (Todd 1947)****
Yellow-sided conure - Pyrrhura molinae hypoxantha (Salvadori 1899)(a variation of the Sordid Conure*)***
Sordid Conure* - Pyrrhura molinae sordida*** NOTE*: (no longer listed as its own sub-species, re-classed within Pyrrhura molinae hypoxantha, as Latin name been in use longer)

Painted Conure - Pyrrhura picta (P.L.S. Muller 1776)**
Jaraquiel Conure* - Pyrrhura (picta) subandina (Todd 1917)(possibly extinct*)(traditionally a sub-species of P.picta)*****
Magdalena Conure - Pyrrhura (picta) caeruleiceps (Todd 1947) (traditionally a sub-species of P. picta)*****
Pantchenko’s Conure - Pyrrhura caeruleiceps pantchenkoi (Phelps 1977)*****
Azuero Conure - Pyrrhura (picta) eisenmanni (Delgado 1985)(traditionally a sub-species of P. picta)*****
Santarem Conure - Pyrrhura amazonum amazonum (Hellmayr 1906) (traditionally a sub-species of P. picta)*****
Smaller Painted Conure - Pyrrhura amazonum microtera (Todd 1947)****
Madeira Painted Conure - Pyrrhura  snethlageae (Joseph & Bates 2002)*****
Cristalino Painted Conure - Pyrrhura  snethlageae lucida (Arndt 2008)*****
Prince Lucien’s Conure - Pyrrhura (picta) lucianii (Deville 1851) (traditionally a sub-species of P. picta)****
Amazon Red-fronted conure - Pyrrhura parvifrons (Arndt 2008)*****
Rose-headed Conure - Pyrrhura (picta) roseifrons(G.R Gray 1859) (traditionally a sub-species of P. picta)**
Wavy-breasted Conure - Pyrrhura (picta) peruviana (Blake & Joseph 2002)(traditionally a sub-species of P. picta)*****
Paler Wavy-breasted Conure - Pyrrhura peruviana dilutissima (Arndt 2008)*****

White-eared (Maroon-faced) Conure - Pyrrhura leucotis (Kuhl 1820)**
Brazilian Grey-breasted Conure - Pyrrhura (leucotis) griseipectus(Salvadori 1900) (traditionally a sub-species of P. leucotis)**
Pfrimer's Conure - Pyrrhura (leucotis) pfrimeri (Ribeiro 1920)(traditionally a sub-species of P. leucotis)****
Emma's Conure - Pyrrhura (leucotis) emma (Salvadori 1891) (traditionally a sub-species of P. leucotis)**

Fiery-shouldered Conure - Pyrrhura egregia egregia (Sclater 1881)**
Gran Sabana Conure - Pyrrhura egregia obscura (Zimmer & Phelps 1946)*****

Santa Marta Conure - Pyrrhura viridicata (Todd 1913)*****

Maroon-tailed Conure - Pyrrhura melanura melanura (Spix 1824)**
Souance's Conure - Pyrrhura melanura souancei (Verreaux 1858)**
Berlepsch’s Conure - Pyrrhura melanura berlepschi (Salvadori 1891)*****
Pacific Black-tailed Conure - Pyrrhura melanura pacifica (Chapman 1915)**
Chapman’s Conure - Pyrrhura melanura chapmani (Bond & Meyer de Schauensee 1940)*****

El Oro Conure - Pyrrhura orcesi (Ridgely & Robbins 1988)*****

Black-capped (Rock) Conure - Pyrrhura rupicola rupicola (Tschudi 1844)*****
Sandia Conure - Pyrrhura rupicola sandiae (Bond & Meyer de Schauensee 1947)*

White-necked Conure - Pyrrhura albipectus (Chapman 1914)*****

Brown-breasted Conure - Pyrrhura calliptera (Massena & Souance 1854)*****

Red-eared Conure - Pyrrhura hoematotis hoematotis (Souance 1857)*****
Cubrio Red-eared Conure - Pyrrhura hoematotis immarginata (Zimmer & Phelps 1944)*****

Rose-crowned Conure - Pyrrhura rhodocephala (Sclater & Salvin 1870)*

Hoffmans Conure - Pyrrhura hoffmanni hoffmanni (Cabanis 1861)****
Chiriqui Conure - Pyrrhura hoffmanni gaudens (Bangs 1906)**

Guide to status in captivity

*       bred in good numbers.    
**      not so common in captivity, is hard to obtain.
***    bred in good numbers, but rare in there pure forms, due to cross breeding of mutations & sub-species.  
****   very rare in captivity.
***** not kept in captivity in Europe to my knowledge.

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