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Who is Pyrrhura's UK?

Les Waring, United Kingdom.

        I was born in Gloucestershire, which is situated in the South-west of the country.
At present and for many years I have been working for a local firm for the battery industry, where we make machines that make batteries & moulds which are supplied all over the world.

I have always had a keen interest in animals especially birds from a young age, going bird watching & joined the British bird watching clubs, but it wasn't until 1987 I started keeping birds, I started with Zebra & Bengalese finches.
Over the years I have kept & bred a wide selection of birds from small Waxbills, South American Buntings, Java Sparrow's, British finches, soft-bills & of course parrots & a-like.
My main interest for a long while was mutations in which I have specialised in a few species:-
Zebra Finches, Java Sparrows, Diamond Doves, & Peach-Face Lovebirds.

My other interests were the African parrots: Meyer's, Senegal's & Greys in which I did quite well with. For a few years I did a lot of hand-rearing for myself and colleagues for the pet trade, ranging from most species of  birds: Lovebirds, Conures, African's, Amazon's, Cockatoo's & a few Blue & Gold Macaws.

Since 1994 I have been keeping Pyrrhura Conures which have become a favourite, I parted with a lot of my collection to replace them with these delightful little conures, as i find them very interesting, colourful, very active, not really noisy, with plenty of species to choose from within the genus & have proved very prolific given the right conditions for me.

Pyrrhura conures, i have bred over the years :

Maroon Bellied - P.frontalis frontalis & P.frontalis chiripepe
Green Cheeked - P.molinae australis, P.molinae restricta & P.molinae molinae
Mutation (blue) Green-Cheeked - P.molinae sordida / Reclassified as P. molinae hypoxantha
Mutation (opaline) Green-Cheeked - P.molinae molinae
Pearly - P.perlata lepida
Black Capped - P.rupicola sandiae
Blue Throated - P.cruentata
Brazilian Grey-breasted - P.griseipectus
Rose-Crowned - P.rhodocephala
Mutation (Misty) Rose-Crowned - P.rhodocephala
Crimson Bellied - P.perlata perlata
Painted - P.picta picta
Maroon Tailed - P.melanura souancei
Fiery Shouldered - P.egregia egregia
Hoffmann's - P.hoffmanni gaudens

I'm currently keeping:

Green Cheeked - P.molinae molinae

Rose Crowned - P.rhodocephala
Mutation (Misty) Rose-Crowned - P.rhodocephala

My other activities/interests: Keep/Breed exotic doves, Gardening, Bird watching, & Bird photography.

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